This site draws its name from a wonderful song by Etta James, on her Let’s Roll CD:  “You need a . . . sense of humor, ’cause life ain’t funny.”  The song is “Somebody to Love” by Gary Nicholson and Delbert McClinton.  Every other version I’ve heard, the singer says that you need a sense of humor because life is funny, which makes no sense to me at all.

Etta, though, knows the score:  if life were funny, why on earth would we need a sense of humor?


‘Cause Life Ain’t Funny explores the ways in which life and literature can inspire us to keep “laughing to keep from crying.” The pieces posted here revel in the humor that arises in unexpected places, in the small moments that get us through the day or give us perspective, helping us transform rage, anguish, or the simply mundane.

While some pieces posted here may not focus on humor specifically, everything I write is predicated on the conviction that life is far too important to be taken too seriously.

For what is life but a satire of our own pretensions?


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