For at least the next year, I will be a contributing editor to the blog

    Humor in America

My blog entries for that site can be found by clicking on

    this link,

Later, they will be re-posted on here, on ‘Cause Life Ain’t Funny.

I had to create this site in order to become a part of Humor in America, and until recently, I didn’t realize that it was visible to the public, as I haven’t had time to delve into learning the mechanics of site design, etc.

At some point, I will develop this site further.  But for now learning the ropes for one blog has been enough for me, and I hope that you will visit the Humor in America site.

When this site is finally launched, I will post an announcement there.

Many thanks for reading, and for searching me out.  Sorry for the disappointment you found here — and I hope you enjoy the Humor in America website.

Sharon McCoy

7 October 2011